World Meets Prince – Royal HypnoBirthing® Experience

Media all over the world are frenzied over the new royal baby-boy (without a name yet.) However, I am curiously searching a mention about a HypnoBirthing experience the Princess mom possibly had – I mentioned this last night in my HypnoBirthing class: I hope we’ll know soon that Princess Kate had a HypnoBirthing® birth transitioning the birthing experience to a new level of mother’s satisfaction.

What really constitutes a HypnoBirthing® birth?

As I mention in my classes, a pregnant woman is having a HypnoBirthing® birth when she utilizes the techniques and philosophy of HypnoBirthing®.  This means, that even though she may be in a hospital and assisted by a team of doctors, if she and her partner (husband) utilize HypnoBirthing® relaxation, HypnoBirthing® breathing, and HypnoBirthing® visualizations, she is a HypnoBirthing® mom.

HypnoBirthing® classes are a complete childbirth education information used to create a possibility for a pregnant woman to enter into her birthing experience with confidence and to assist her to have a smooth and comfortable, joyous and satisfying experience.

If you are pregnant, and want to have access to a smile of satisfaction, like Kate Middleton in the picture above, join us for the next HypnoBirthing class. in our two locations in New York city or in Princeton, New Jersey. I look forward to showing you how you can have a satisfying birth.

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