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What I would do differently this time? When my baby was born and was laid onto my belly, the warm body and new life, I had this thought: “I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!” I was terrified…. This time what I would do differently is I would spend more time bonding with my baby, talking with her and just contemplating her coming. It is so important. I am taking this opportunity to communicate with my baby before her birth!” Ella, 38

When I did Mother-Baby session, everything came into place for me, all my fears were gone, I suddenly felt a really strong sensation that I CAN DO ANYTHING.” Maria, 39

What’s important now is to know how I can communicate with my baby. I want to know her name and bond with her daily and call her by her name.” Yolla, 34

I could feel her, her energy, I got to k now her mission and purpose with me, and how I can help her, she laid it all out for me, just listen. I am so happy I have done this session.”Kelly, 36

There are so many ways to consider your pregnancy, and the life that grows so close within you.  Every tradition contains beautiful mythology about where the baby comes from, and how each new being is a sacred light who comes into existence for a divine purpose.  To some cultures the baby represents a resource of replenishment, to others a resource of knowledge.  In all cultures there is a sense of welcoming, a natural opening of the family unit to embrace a new member of the family, and community.  And the most important relationship of all – the mother-baby relationship.  From the moment of conception, through pregnancy and birth, mother and baby are joined together by a sacred bond of shared experience unlike anything else of which a human being is capable.

How deep is the shared experience? When you dream, does your baby share those dreams? When you feel passion, and intense love for your baby, does he/she experience the same depth of emotion?

From the first moment of conception you can reach into the experience and let your body inform you about the essence of the being developing within you. Beyond this, when we tap into women’s ways of knowing, we open channels of communication with our babies, enhancing the psychic powers of communication that nature intends for mothers of all species. Mothering can become a meditation, a deep mindfulness that is satisfying spiritually as well as physically and emotionally: it’s nature’s intent, and a possibility for all of us.

When would you like the relationship between you and your baby to begin?

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Morrin, You are doing such a great deed for mothers to be. Your skill is so needed…. And you are so good at it!! I like your soothing voice, it makes me so comfortable to know you are here, to listen to your suggestions…. It is a great amazing experience to be able to connect with my baby. I saw her, just standing near me like I see you  now, Oh, My God, she came to me and tears streaming down my face, she held my hand…. The images just kept coming and kept coming, it was so easy. And I did not even have to go into hypnosis….I am definitely going to recommend this experience to others! Moms must do it for themselves and for their babies….How wonderful that you are doing this for us, mothers… My God, How amazing it is to be able to establish this connection with my UNBORN daughter, I have been trying to connect with her, search for ways to connect with her…..I feel so focused now.All my fear vanished, disappeared! I am free to go and give the birth I want!~” Maria 36, 35 weeks.

“I released some long standing fears about birthing and just really enjoyed my session with you. :))” Amy, 35 weeks, Mother-Baby Connection

“This is so helpful to create the future memory of birth, the way i want it.” Lisa, 39 weeks.

” I learned what held me back in the past, and I learned how to be a creator of my baby’s birth.” J., 26 weeks

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Morrin, this was wonderful! I am so fearless now.” Diane, 13 weeks.

“This clears my understanding why my baby needs more time to come to me.” Looking to get pregnant, Sue, 29.

Stream in the information on what is best for your labor, your comfort, your peace…

Transpersonal Experience Emotional Connection of Mother with her unborn Baby is a hypnotic process developed by Morrin Bass over the last years, and based on the model of spiritual regression pioneered by Michael Newton and Brian Weiss, Morrin has uncovered deep and safe way to remove fears of childbirth in a profound, personal and permanent way.

Give yourself a gift of the deep connection with your baby.

In the last decade Morrin Bass has been a certified instructor for professionals. Watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

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