Who Is Morrin Bass? Your HypnoBirthing® Instructor in New York

“I still can’t get over how amazingly relaxing and comfortable, and enjoyable(!) was my birth experience. …Thank you for your instruction, Morrin.”  Julia, 32

Your Hypnobirthing® instructor in New York is Dr. Morrin Bass, founder and director of the New York Awareness Center®.  Dr. Bass is certified by the Hypnobirthing® Institute, founded by Marie Mongan, author of the text-book HypnoBirthing®, The Mongan Method, A Natural Approach to a safe, easier and comfortable birthing.  Morrin Bass, Certified InstructorFor the last decade Morrin Bass, PhD, MBA, has devoted her work to developing advanced applications in professional hypnotism. Childbirth education and particularly HypnoBirthing® is one of the main directions in her work. Morrin is a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, and a Continuing Education provider for DONA, teaching midwives and doulas to assist mothers during labor with HypnoBirthing® techniques. Morrin brings passion and experience to her work about personal improvement, working with clients in private sessions and group classes.

Morrin brings passion for HypnoBirthing® to her work with moms-to-be and their birthing companions.

Morrin believes that a more satisfying birth is important for the future of  humanity.  

For those who want special attention or seek privacy along with thorough education with preparation to their peaceful birth, Morrin provides confidential HypnoBirthing® classes on a customized basis to private clients . She is a leader in the community, and an author of HypnoBirthing® in New York, and Design Your Life.

She will teach you and your HypnoBirthing® partner how to access your highest intention, inner wisdom and capacity for energy and love, and will teach you the skills necessary to achieve the birth of your dreams,  and to become a conscious parent. In the last decade Morrin has dedicated her work to training  hundreds of  professional hypnotists who are now practicing throughout the world. Morrin is a compassionate, loving and spiritual teacher.  Morrin uses  her incredible natural talent, experience and hypnotic skills helping pregnant women identify with their new role as a mother,  and enabling fathers and birthing companions, to provide loving support during the pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby.

“I chose your class because of you, Morrin. Your instruction made a difference for me, gave me confidence, and a level of preparedness I was looking for, so I could have the satisfying birth that I wanted (which I did!).” Lisa, 28

“I leave the class confident and unafraid, knowing I can use what I learned, and operate with confidence. Thanks for teaching us how to practice effectively.” Jean, 32

“I chose your class because I was impressed by your HB Moms stories. If somebody could do it, I could.” Tammy , 33

” ….I trusted your expertise, and your instruction… makes an indelible imprint. ….and your voice! Baby moves when she hears your voice.” Serena, 39

“Thank you for that experience.” Ana, 42

” …Thank you for your wise encouragement.” Maria, 38, mom of 2.

For over 30 years, instructors trained by the HypnoBirthing® Institute, have been successfully teaching women and their birthing companions throughout the United States, and in more than 26 countries, including the areas of Australia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Hypnobirthing® is a technique recognized by many for relieving the Fear-Tension-Pain syndrome.  Hypnobirthing® supports natural, comfortable, happy birthing. Marie Mongan is founder of the Hypnobirthing® Institute and author of the text book Hypnobirthing® The Mongan Method.

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