Vocal Toning During Childbirth

I ROARRRRRR’ed my second child into this world…and immediately after she was born, the feeling of her laying on my chest was truly ecstasy.
Many of my student-moms report peace and calm during their labor and birth of their child. They say they got to practice relaxation and breathing and a few other techniques and visualizations, and had a smooth transition to crowning.
Many say they used an effective technique called toning. Vocal toning is nothing other than full exhalation. When we experience sensations, calm deep breathing helps us alleviate those sensations and translate them into pleasure.
Vocal toning can be effective in creating a particular mood or feeling. When we experience pleasure we “purr” or “roar” with ecstasy, as described in the quote above. Often we “owh,” and “mhm,” and create sensations with peaceful rolls in our vocal cords.
At final stages of birthing, when baby is crowning, there is an urge to push.Breathe with it. Some moms find it easy to go primal and roar on the exhale going with the flow of this urge.
It is so easy to find your way, when you are calm. At all times keep the calm attitude and the positive way of joyful anticipation of your baby.
Your body knows what to do!
Share your comments, observations, and share this post with your pregnant friends.
Our next HypnoBirthing class will teach them how to achieve a calm birth and enjoy your labor.

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