Use Birth Stool During Birthing

16th-century-birthing-stool-on-which-the-mother-sat-while-her-child-was-delivered What you see here is a 16-century birth stool used for the final stages in childbirth labor.

I personally like the curtains on the sides!

During final stages of labor, when the baby begins to crown, that is when baby’s head appears, sitting on a “birth stool” may be instrumental to enjoyable birth, say many moms who used this device.

When sitting on the stool, in a squatting position, yet not spending energy on straining her legs, a birthing mother continues to concentrate her attention on breathing and relaxation, and naturally utilizes gravity, aiding the baby’s movement through the birth path by a simple deep breathing.

The baby feels mother’s relaxed state and continues moving smoothly down the birth path without pushing. birthstool, HypnoBirthing classes in New York, With Morrin Bass

The idea of the birth stool has been in use in midwifery for centuries.

Until very recently, in Europe, particularly in Northern Europe, e.g. in Denmark, birthing stool was considered a family treasure, and was preserved in the family for generations.

A bride brought to the new family the birth stool inherited from her mother, and grandmother, and great grandmother. Birth stool was a treasured dowry for a new bride. After all, the importance of procreation was emphasized and strengthened by the religious influences.

Today, we don’t have to store such commodity for generations.

Each mom can get her own birth stool. In fact, each one can get their own style, according to their and dad on birth stool, Birthing with HypnoBirthing, Classes with Morrin Bass

You can have the one with handles, which makes it quite comfortable to hold onto, while your husband is behind you whispering positive HypnoBirthing affirmations into your receptive ear.

You can also use the birthing stool in the water pool during water birth while easing your positioning, resting, or laboring.

Or you could have modern sterility in plastic, with a helping figure for its back to lean on,

Birth Stool 2, HypnoBirthing classes, in New York With Morrin Bass


while your midwife, sitting opposite you, monitors your state and talks you through your birth utilizing Hypnobirthing techniques of calm and comfortable J-breathing (Birth Breathing) in the final stages of your baby arrival. 

So feel free to choose your style, as long as it is comfortable for you and fits your needs.

Have a happy and enjoyable birthing day!

Midwife_with_a_pregnant_woman_on_a_birth_stool, HypnoBirthing classes with Morrin BassThis and more, learn about childbirth in a complete childbirth education course in HypnoBirthing classes.

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