Ultimate Birth

You have worked hard to achieve your success at work, in life. Now there is another stepping stone to the next level.

You are pregnant and you want to have the ultimate birth: satisfaction, bonding, joy, empowered by creativity and calmness. Work with Morrin exclusively on an individual basis in preparation to this birth. There is a choice.

The Ultimate Birthing Experiencetm

It is possible to have what you want. The newest Cutting Edge Mind-Body Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Technology for successful New Yorker Moms and Dads-To-Be  with Morrin Bass, PhD, author of The Ultimate Birthing Experience tm.

Let yourself take off into the ultimate adventure in creating your birthing experience so

This is an extra-ordinary experience exclusively for those who

want SATISFACTION to be in their birthing experience,

who are committed to their own success and want more fulfilling feeling,

calmness and comfort in labor

with that extra spark in their lives as the baby arrives.

With more powerful energy, greater influence and creativity

The results are your overflowing love and connection to each other, joy and satisfaction with the experience.

You too could have a SATISFYING EXPERIENCE

in birthing your baby, choose The Ultimate Birthing Experiencetm

Fill out the form below to know if the Ultimate Birthing Experience is for you









Personal Power


Emotional Control



Sense of Purpose

More time for what is important in life

Natural Effortless State of Being

Connection to Your Core

Experience Extraordinary Relationships

Access to Your Personal Best

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