ROYALTY HYPNOBIRTHING – Cheers, Kate! Here is one to you!

Today I came across an article about the pregnant Royal princess Kate Middleton shocking her family and everyone in the world announcing her intention to use HypnoBirthing in the upcoming birth.

I felt great reading it. Finally, someone who is determined to be a conscious parent and who wants to start early her preparation to her smooth and comfortable birth plays a determined role in bringing into the world the next NEW generation of a NEW type of leader.

As I finished my holidays intensive HypnoBirthingtm class  with two couples in it, I hypnotized the moms and dads-tobe to stay inspired and motivated for their upcoming birth. Their motivation comes from the inside, because they realize the importance of the baby deserving their own right to start their life in the best possible way, free from drugs and pain and that knowing is quite motivating to use all possible techniques they learned in class to stay calm and relaxed. At the same time a relaxed mom has more fun, more chance for smooth and comfortable birth and the satisfying feeling that she’s done all she could for the best birth when she is free from drugs and pain and her baby is healthy, alert and awake from the start.

HypnoBirthing philosophy and techniques help mom and dad to acquire the ability and have access to the state of  calm and comfortable being when they can function and be effective with the sense of balance in their life and make decisions that they don’t regret. And that’s not only for their birthing time, but for the rest of their life. I like that doing this work with a few couples at a time I make my contribution to the safe and comfortable transition into this world for the next generation of leaders.

So good luck, Kate! You made the right choice leaning early about the benefits of HypnoBirthing birth for your baby. It is a lot of pressure the whole world is watching, so stay motivated, your baby deserves the best possible inspiration in his/her mother’s love, free from drugs and filed with love. The whole world is watching you and cheering you! Cheers, Kate, Here is one to you!

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