Pregnancy Hypnosis – Ideal Birth Exercise – Prepare your Ideal Birth


with Morrin Bass, PhD, BCHI, HypnoBirthing classes at New York Awareness Center

NOTE Important:

This is an exercise intended for moms-to-be who are in their 2nd trimester and who wish to have a safe and comfortable birth*. If you want to have success, please read the instructions below and follow in sequence.

This exercise is for those preparing for a birth of their dreams, and I use it primarily in my classes with the moms and dads-to-be who learn hypnosis for pregnancy and birth, which I teach as their professional instructor. Here I offer one of our homework exercises that is titled CREATING YOUR IDEAL BIRTH.

Once you are finished with the exercise, you can e-mail your scenario to me: I will provide comments on the hypnotic aspect of your writing. The language of this exercise is very important for your subconscious mind to create the right image of the ideal birth you want. When you receive it back from me, or if you are sure of your effort, without me, you will use this exercise daily to create a special impact onto your subconscious mind, using hypnotic repetition and meditative state.

We start each class with this most important exercise. It may take you a few minutes or even hours, or weeks to complete it. Don’t be discouraged, every time you will learn the details with which you can update your Ideal Birth, in class or on your own, you can add them in.

This is why I am taking the time to explain to you what would make you successful. I am talking about the imagination exercise that I call CREATING the future memory of your Ideal Birth. You read about the importance of preparation in Marie Mongan’s book on HypnoBirthing, how important it is to develop your imagination and creating your own image of successful birth.

Now we are taking your ability to imagine to a different level. Imagination is a vehicle to your success. Envisioning yourself, your partner and your support system in your mind BEFORE the event makes it easier for you to “re-live” it when the due time comes. You create a FUTURE MEMORY of the event, and using the text of the created event in your daily meditative revivification of the event in your mind, which instills the sensations and awareness in your body.

1. Imagine your ideal birth. The day you are waiting for.

How do you have to be so the birth goes on the way you plan for it?

Once you have an idea of the peaceful birth you want, involve your partner to create a fully dimensional experience put into words. Add to it, write it as elaborately as you can.

2. Use it as part of your daily exercise routine in preparation to your ideal HypnoBirthing birth. Daily relax, envisioning your birth, feeling sensations, visualizing yourself, your partner, your movement and actions, words and the level of your focus.

3. Exercise daily – use this exercise daily in your ration routine.

Between now and the end of your 39th week you would have practically birthed your baby about 40-50 times! Your body and mind begin to work together in this magical dance of the sequence in motion during the birth of your baby. Your baby gets familiar with the routine and your expectation, hypnotized by you daily.

Then by the due date the birth is a familiar routine for you and becomes easy, and all you have to do is just live the day that you have created for yourself, with ease, comfort and pleasure.


Creating your ideal birth is like creating a movie or a play. Only here you and your partner get to fulfill all the roles.

You get to be a producer and an actor, director and the scene designer.

First you decide on the genre. Decide that it will be a romantic film of love or a drama….

To continue this exercise…

Sorry to cut you off here, but the next step is to fill out this form to receive the full exercise and information on HypnoBirthing class (if the form does not look correctly please use a different browser):

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