HypnoBirthing Doulas Listing

NYC HypnoBirthing Doulas: (Listing of New York Awareness Center Certified)

Midwife_with_a_pregnant_woman_on_a_birth_stool, HypnoBirthing classes with Morrin Bass

Joyce Havinga, joyce_havinga@hotmail.com, 914 207 5511, Dutch, French, German, English, Birth and Postpartum

Karla Pippa, doulapippa@gmail.com, 214-597-9210, New York, Birth and Postpartum Services,English and Spanish

Myla Flores Mylovingdoula@gmail.com 917 795-1186

Suzanne Slade 267 4676512 New York -Prenatal Yoga, Photography, www.doulaluv.com

Edna Sperduto ednasperduto@clinicalinsights.net  (917) 596-3590 New York

Caitlin Wyatt caitlin.norton@gmail.com (248) 506-6616 Astoria

Kimberley Collins doulamomma@mac.com (917) 992-4424 South Orange

Gillian Foreman gillian@uptownbirth.com (214) 208-5535 New York

Paola Giraldo birthingmoondoula@gmail.com New York

Melissa Oliver yorubadoula@gmail.com New York

Andrea Gersh andiegersh@gmail.com (214) 641-9141 New York

Sophia Walsh sophia_walsh@msn.com (718) 737-5989 New York

Patricia Thomas pj5thomas@aol.com (347) 663-6488 New York

Marin Bach-Antonson Marin@earthmotherbirth.com (845) 729-7339 Nyack

Patricia Thomas patricia@inaraspassage.com (347) 663-6488  Brooklyn

Julie Cardonick julie.rosen@verizon.net (201) 837-5910 Teaneck

Shivani Laura St George pearlnila7@yahoo.com (917) 251-4360New York

Jodi Winemiller jodi.winemiller@yale.edu (619) 251-9202 New haven

Bonu De Caires badecaires@gmail.com 845-313-1151

Barbara Du Pont barb_dupont@yahoo.com (914) 715-8230 Pleasantville

Monica Kadash 1anjana@optonline.net (631) 283-7424 Southampton

Baila Hecht balitahcares@gmail.com (718) 493-8826 Brooklyn

Marina Evenstein evemaru@gmail.com (203) 570-2182 Stamford

Cynthia Zinser Czeemumbai@hotmail.com (917) 361-4023 New York

Silintira Cowles silintira@yahoo.com (212) 505-0101 New York

Carol Bues carolbues@gmail.com (914) 589-5491 New york

Tiffany Adams tadams229@yahoo.com (212) 204-6379 NY

Julie Mannes malkayoga@gmail.com (917) 216-1991 New York

Tanya Wills tanyawills1@gmail.com (347) 512-9550 New York


Kayce Kathleen Casey kcasey@dvc.com New York

Laurie Rashkin lrashkin@verizon.net New York

Erica Shane ericashane@gmail.com New York

Giselle Joaquin gisellejoaquin@aol.com New York

Stacey Hanes stacey.hanes@gmail.com New York

Barbara Holmes myvision5@optonline.net New York

Wendy Ledesma wendycdoula@gmail.com New York

Meghan Mahar meghanmahar@gmail.com New York

Erin Graham eringraham25@yahoo.com New York

Carley Aroldi Thayer car1nyc@yahoo.com New York

Alicia Briseno isadorasmom@hotmail.com New York

Anna Myers nurturedchild@gmail.com New York

Amber Ford amberforddoula@gmail.com(917) 843-5038 New York

Doula Organizations: DONA International 

Doula Services with Birth Focus Network http://www.birthfocus.com/

If you know of a doula who is not listed here, and is a superb professional please let us know.

If you want to send in a recommendation of a wonderful professional doula who helped you, or someone you know, please let us know.


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