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Assisting Birthing Mother in More Comfortable, Safe and Calm Birthing.

“What I learned here – OMG, what you share with us is amazing! What becomes possible knowing HypnoBirthing seems limitless! The creativity that becomes possible, based on the relaxation and meditation of HypnoBirthing, opens up the mind and connection to a higher power.” Maria Mora, 39, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, mom of 2, New York

If you know a mom who wants a calm, safe and comfortable labor and birth

She could benefit from learning  HypnoBirthing® – the philosophy and techniques of calm labor

Recommend for her and her partner to enroll into HypnoBirthing classes with Morrin Bass, PhD, at New York Awareness Center and you both benefit! She has her calm labor and you ….receive your commission.

Every time a mom enrolls with us, you receive a check with a referral fee.

By the way,
YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A HYPNOBIRTHING DOULA OR EVEN A CERTIFIED DOULA TO BE AN AFFILIATE AND PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM. Perhaps, you are a childbirth professional, a yoga instructor, or a kids’ shop-keeper in the neighborhood.

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“This program is a significant financial help for me.” Kathleen, beginner doula.

“I am amazed how well this program is received among the pregnant women work with, and how pleasant it is to work with you Morrin. Thank you” Leila, Manager.

“This check really helps out! Thanks!” Sasha, labor educator.

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