Pregnancy Affirmations

Tummy of a pregnnt womanDo you know your baby is listening to you?

What you say and how you say it is important.

The thoughts you have affect your baby’s emotional development.

Help your baby’s sense of safety and comfort.

Affirmations are words, phrases or sentences-suggestions composed to affirm something that you want and that you don’t have yet, but desire to have. For pregnancy affirmations, for example, use “comfortable birth”: “Every day I prepare for my comfortable labor and birth.”

The language you use in affirmations is very important. For better results and until you are able to compose your own, use the affirmations provided for you.

Your mind absorbs the suggestion. Subconsciously you begin to act upon this suggestion. Your body and your mind begin to work in perfect ensemble allowing you to achieve your dream result.

When you enroll in the HypnoBirthingtm class with Morrin Bass you will receive a free HypnoBirthingtm cd with Mother’s HypnoBirthingtm affirmations and a HypnoBirthingtm Relaxation. Until then I invite you to receive affirmations professionally composed for you, every week to enjoy for 21 weeks. With each affirmation you receive an instruction on how to use it. Sign your name in the box on the right and you will be on your way to comfort!

Receive yours FREE 21 Weekly Comfortable and Positive Pregnancy Affirmations as my gift for you.

“The best affirmations out there. I enjoyed reading them daily and working with them before sleep and on the train. They seem to work wonders with my mind!” Roberta, 32, 13 weeks

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