At New York Awareness Center, with Morrin Bass, or with Mark Schwimmer, all sessions and programs are open to enrollment at your own will. All enrollment, payments and scheduling is considered free will agreement. Mark and Morrin do everything possible that you find satisfaction in your programs and the results that this transformative work brings to you.  Our programs are purely educational. Programs do not include or claim to give any medical or psychological advice. We offer no guarantees of any results that may be perceived as a result of our programs, during the time or after our services.

When we ask you to give us your personal information, such as your name, phone, etc. when you fill out our forms, is how we obtain client information. We guarantee that this information will remain confidential and will not be sold to any third party. Using this information is for contacting you from time to time with educational newsletters, offers, and invitations. By giving us your information you voluntarily agree to this contact. You can opt out at any time, as well as re-subscribe at your own will.


Results Disclaimer:

Results of sessions, mentoring programs and classes and the turn your life may take after your work with Mark or Morrin are your personal responsibility. Neither Mark, Morrin nor the New York Awareness Center will bear any responsibility for your subsequent success in achieving what you want.


Confirmation Policy:

There is an initial confirmation which comes with the receiprt of payment for your individual prepaid scheduled appointments.  Once the appointment is set this is your guaranteed time slot. It is the responsibility of the client to keep on with their schedule and show up on time for the appointment.

Student confirms up to 72 hours  in advance attendance to their scheduled class. This confirmation policy applies to workshops, classes, lectures.


Cancellation Policy:

72-hour cancellation policy applies without penalty to non-prepaid appointments that are less than 1-hour in length, or free consultations.

72-hour cancellation policy applies to all pre-paid sessions, and to all pre-registered workshops. Penalty may apply.

48 to 24-hour cancellation policy applies to ALL individual sessions, and 72-hour cancellation applies to all scheduled pre-paid appointments and pre-paid workshops. If less than 24-hour notice given to cancel or reschedule your appointment you will be charged a penalty at discretion of the instructor. We have vendors who depend on our promptness, and we ask you kindly to cooperate with our cancellation policy.


Refund Policies:

We don’t provide refunds. There are no refunds on classes, or mentoring or value perceived programs. There are no refunds for any reason on personal sessions.  

We trust that you review our policies when you sign up as we provide sufficient links for all adult choices. We also trust you have done relevant research and when signed up to our class we rely on your attendance. We have vendors who depend on our promptness and good will and we appreciate your cooperation with our policies. 


Classes Refunds:

All personal choice monthly mentoring and class subscriptions are non refundable.

All classes are non refundable. Once you make a decision, we trust that it was made in good will and we appreciate your responsibility for it. 

Transportation difficulties, memory lapses, change of will, voluntary change of schedule, shows to a different class without prior written authorization, no-shows and other scheduling difficulties are not refunded. 

Momentary emergencies are not refunded.

Emergency withdrawal refunded minus $250 admin fee only 1 week prior to class.

Weather is not refunded.



Classes are partially refundable. If a client wants to withdraw up to 1 week prior to class, the fee is funded minus $100 administrative fee. Classes are not refunded after 1 week prior to class. Classes are not refunded after class start. 


Personal emergencies and change of mind cancellations are accepted up to 1 week PRIOR TO START of 1st day of class with written approval ONLY, with $250 NON-REFUNDABLE ADMINISTRATIVE FEE, regardless of reason.

Cancellation decisions after the start of NGH Hypnosis Certification class (ONLY) are accepted on a pro-rated basis. Other classes are not refunded after start. You may apply to get credit toward the next available class, or personal session with written approval by Morrin Bass. 

No-shows are not refunded, and must get written permission to attend the next available class. All permissions for next class are valid for 1 year only.

All session credits are valid for 3 months only, unless specified.

We reserve the right to change our class schedules.


Sessions Refunds:

We respect your decision to sign up, which is based o your free will. Therefore, there are no refunds on pre-paid sessions, series of sessions, mentoring programs or packaged sessions. No refunds on value perceived programs.

There are no refunds due to change of mind. We respect your voluntary decision to enroll with us, and you must respect our business policy.

No refunds on missed appointments, no shows, late shows. Personal emergencies address on a personal basis and sessions must be rescheduled. All credited sessions are void if no-confirmation, no-show, or rescheduling less than 48 hours in advance. In an unlikely event of force majeure, bad weather or emergency, rescheduling policy will take effect. 

Personal emergencies are not refunded. 


Payments and Scheduling Registration:

All scheduled sessions must be prepaid in advance of the session through the automated system online or by phone. If preference is to pay by cash or check, arrangements for check receipt must be made prior to 72-hours in advance of the session/class and check must be paid/cleared 72 hours in advance of class/session.  The system will automatically cancel the scheduled sessions that are not pre-paid or not confirmed with other payment arrangements 72 hours in advance of the session.

All scheduled sessions are paid for the session time, skills and the space, and not the subsequent perceived value or result.


Advanced Registration:

Advanced Registration is Required for all Workshops and Certificate Trainings.

All programs are filled on first come basis, unless by invitation only.

Invitation programs are exclusive to those invited to the program.


Insurance Coverage:

 Our services are not covered by insurance unless specified.


By appointment or pre-enrollment only.


Office locations:

We run offices in New York City, Midtown and Downtown Financial District, Princeton, New Jersey, and New Hope Pennsylvania. We also provide services overseas, in several coutries in Europe and Central Asia.

Please discuss with us your necessity for our travel to your location. Also… We welcome you to specify which location you enjoy best before signing up.

If you require location that is outside our immediate area, we will discuss our possible traveling arrangements, and timing if pertains.


               Consider what you want.

You may get it provided you decide to go for it. Sign up and listen. However, there are no guarantees that your behavior or condition will change at all. We are not a health care provider or a medical organization and in no way claims to be one, or in no way aim to alter or change any of your health conditions. We welcome you to inform your doctors if you decide to sign up with us. We don’t hold any responsibility for your decisions pursuant your visit with us, or any change in your life, lifestyle or behavior, good or bad. If you are unable to attend or unwilling to change, commit to your life or to what you want, allow yourself to re-consider services you need. Changes experienced in your life after mentoring work with Mark or Morrin may affect your behavior and may bring positive change, life excitement or desire for extraordinary life.

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell.

Privacy Policy