Learn to Relax in order to Have Calm Birth

“Instead of contractions, they’re called surges. And don’t call it labor, it’s birthing. When the discomfort of childbirth kicks in, it’s pressure — not pain.”

These are the opening lines of a new article about the success of HypnoBirthing for couples who want a calm and comfortable birthing experience.

The author interviewed several couples who used HypnoBirthing techniques: breathing, relaxation, visualizations during their birth.

When she felt the contractions, as she describes one of the HypnoBirthing moms, she serenely listened to Bach and Beethoven on her iPod and focused on her breathing techniques. Every time she felt a contraction ( in HypnoBirthing called “a surge”) she focused on her breathing. Her husband helps her with visualizations.

“I did feel some discomfort, but it wasn’t intolerable,” one of the other moms said. “I knew if I could get through this one, I could get through the next one. I could restore energy between each surge.”

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