Kate Middleton – The Royal HypnoBirthing Aspiration

Today’s news announced that Kate Middleton’s doctors who will be delivering her royal baby will be contacted by an encrypted phone line and are two experienced doctors in their respectable years – Dr. Alan Farthing, 50,  who will be assisted by his predecessor, Marcus Setchell, 69, who was the queen’s doctor from 1990 to 2008, and who delivered royal children in the past.

In all this what is interesting is that the language that is used to describe the birthing experience for Kate, is that the baby will be delivered by a set of royal doctors, and not by Kate. In some previous posts I noted that Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge, was learning HypnoBirthing and her dream birth is a comfortable natural birthing experience.

From the hustle of the press around the royal pregnancy, the encrypted phone lines and the schedule of Kate going to the hospital at the early stages of labor, and sadly, I observe a story of inspired birth  in Kate’s attempt to labor at her own pace and let her baby to have the experience of natural birthing dwindling down to what might become a  compromise. Well, we’ll see. I sure hope that the forward looking new generation of royal leadership, Princess Kate and Prince William, will insist in having their experience rather than the experience of the western hospital-style birth, compromising baby’s first encounter with life. Let’s hope that she will stay inspired throughout the birthing experience.

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