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The Ultimate Birthing Experiencetm

Article by Morrin Bass

A Cutting Edge Technology of Mind and Body Holistic Pregnancy and Birthing Technology for Successful New Yorker Moms and Dads-To-Be

with Morrin Bass, PhD, Author of “The Ultimate Birthing Experience”

What many moms-to-be don’t know is that they can create their own baby’s birth.

WHAAAT? Create the baby, yes, I understand, you say. Two people, man and woman, you know… But create the birth? What kind of nonsense it this, you’d say? You see, creation of your baby does not stop at conception. Yes, you can actually create the birthing experience. When I asked a pregnant mom, 27 weeks pregnant, how often she fantasizes about holding her baby in her arms, after he is born, she said that she does not get that far in her dreams, because she is too afraid of childbirth.

“What do you think your baby get from your thinking fearful thoughts?” I asked her. She said she did not think of this. She is too preoccupied with her fears. Oh, well….

But not all is lost. Let me explain. Imagine for a moment that you have the birth that you want.  What would you include? What would you exclude? Would you include pleasure, satisfaction and exclude fear and anger?


Not many mothers think of the birth as an opportunity to a satisfying experience.  Many just want their baby to be born healthy. Some young parents are unaware of their responsibilities as a parent. Once I asked a father to be what he expects to do with the baby happens after the birth? “I will be looking where to put it, then think what to do with it.” he responded.

It is not as funny as it sounds! Why would you want to get involved in the birth of your baby? So you can have a calm and comfortable birth. Why would you want a calm and comfortable birth? So you could have a good time, enjoying the labor of your baby. So your husband can have a good time enjoying that time in your life, in your relationship. So you two can have a time of your life when you baby finally appears and alertly, looks into your eyes and recognizes you! Bet you never thought about that!


The satisfaction instead of saying: “I wish I practiced more,” You would say: I have given it all I could”. Satisfaction from knowing that you have done everything you could so you could create the experience that is satisfying for you and your partner, and most importantly for your baby. Why? You want to get involved in your baby’s birth in the most creative way, so your baby can be healthy and enjoy the fullness of the life experience, so your baby can become a full participant in his own decisions and experience since early days.

When your baby is born the natural way, the way nature intended, the baby’s survival instincts are activated and the baby becomes a viable member of the human society. Your baby begins to learn quickly, absorbing the experiences in an alert positive way, seeking development possibilities with excitement, able to exhibit leadership skills early and most importantly, stay healthy.

The baby’s immune system is strong and responsive, naturally protecting the baby from the outside influences, diseases and discomfort. You baby’s comfort during your labor is just as important as your own comfort.


It is possible to conceive the experience of birth before it happened, in the fullness of it, as a memory, only ….a future memory. One of the first exercises in group birth preparation classes we do is the exercise of creating YOUR IDEAL BIRTH description. Surprised? So are most of the couples with whom I work on preparing them for their baby birth. Your Ideal Birth description is actually an imagination training exercises, preparing your brain and your body to experiences that you lay out for yourself.

It is interesting that most of parents-to-be cannot imagine much detail to the birth of their future baby (this is primarily with the first baby experience.) The question is asked: “What kind of experience do you want during the birth of your baby?” followed by a series of other questions, including this one: ”Who do you have to be to be who you are during your birth?”

Some moms-to-be say they want a birth without screaming, or without pain, some say they want a peaceful birth, all leading to experiences of calm birth, So we start from the beginning. We begin to pay attention to what kind of language configuration you use describing your desired experience. Most people have a habit describing what you want by describing what you don’t want (I want no pain.)

In other words, we begin to describe the memory of what hasn’t happened yet, and what is desirable. Then we bring this memory into your present, establish a routine behavior, habituate it through practice, and begin to step into this imaginary experience each time as if it already happened. When the birthing experience actually begins, when your labor starts, you will experience it a familiar sensations and the established routine will begin: feel calm and comfortable.


We all live inside the story. The story we are telling ourselves that is based on the beliefs we have, that were imprinted into us since out babyhood, through parents, teachers, media, etc.

I remember watching the Star Trek (2009), starting with the scene of James Kirk’s birth. When his mother goes into labor, she begins to scream with terrible pain, and everyone around her leaps into panic, seemingly not aware of what needs to be done, as if this baby birth was just sprung onto them overnight. I laughed and thought, you would think that in a sci-fi movie, particularly depicting events in some remotely undefined future, they would have thought of some comforting routine for the birthing mother…..

In 2010, according to research published by the Scientific American magazine, 30% more mothers chose to birth their baby at home with just a doula and a midwife. In the meantime, the rate of c-section reached solid 32% of all hospital births throughout the US, as published by The New York Times. Babies born through c-section, whether planned or forced, have lower capacity to survive and to learn.

They often have troubles breathing, latching on, acclimating; they have lower IQs and are slower in their development. Mothers who birthed the first baby through a c-section and the second naturally vaginally write in their honest notes that the baby who was born naturally vaginally right from the start is faster responding, moving more actively, more participant and is gradually able to hold the eye contact steadily and consistently. Birthing mothers want to avoid pain, c-section, unnecessary hospital routines, to create a calm, comfortable, peaceful birthing experience.

This becomes possible with the use of imagination and self-hypnosis.


I must emphasize the importance of language use and the positive bias. The use of positively framed positive language is of utmost importance during your pregnancy. This is why it is useful to listen to and repeats often positive pregnancy affirmations, sentences, words. Positive words have power, their imprint has tremendous effect on our behavior. Positive words in labor can free up the enormous energy of life force in the birthing mother to aid her labor and make it enjoyable. Dr.T.Grandin, the animal researcher, and a highly functioning autistic animal scientist, points out that animals exist only in two modes: in a seeking mode and in a fear mode. I think fear mode is self explanatory, and it becomes prevalent when an animals is wounded or in danger.

It also, by the way, applies to humans. Fear causes production of adrenalin, the brain begins to produce the hormones known as catecholamine, the blood vessels constrictors, which continues a chain reaction all the way to contraction of the musculature within the uterus, in turn, causing the labor to stall or even stop, often leading to a c-section. Seeking mode, however, is a most interesting phenomenon.

When in seeking mode, the ruling behavioral pattern is one of curiosity, learning and wonder. A woman in a positive bias moves toward the unknown, progressing with her birth, particularly if she used her imagination exercises in a positive way, as opposed to the movement away from fear causing her to stall her relaxation.


Often mothers-to-be encounter people who volunteer horror stories about their terrible births. Say, thank but no. Stop and disallow such information. You baby is listening, you are listening, the bad stories are someone else’s bad experience, why does it have to be yours?

Instead listen to the relaxation and positive Happy birthing stories. Keeping the birthing mother in a positive bias, by educating her about the effects of stress and the effects of relaxation on labor is one of the roles of the instructor and the father-to-be, as well as doula’s and midwife’s. Keeping her positively biased is also a habitual behavior, which can be trained into the mother preparing to labor, so she enters the unknown world of labor unafraid and confident.


Being is relaxed mode rather than in a stress mode makes a difference in the experience. I think we can all agree to that statement. Instead of being panic-striken, shallow-breathing, doubting and feared for safety as portrayed in Star Trek with a “traditional” Hollywood drama attitude, wouldn’t you rather be calm and clear headed, able to make good decisions and enjoying your time laboring and birthing your baby, quietly moving and peacefully relaxing in a warm tub, with husband lovingly whispering “I love you, you can do it” into your open mind? Here is an example exercise.

Take a pen into you hand, as if you prepare to write something, and look at the pen held tightly between your fingers. Hold it tight. Know that your task is to drop the pen. So what needs to happen? You are correct, you have to let go of the pen. And you can only do it by relaxing your fingers. You can’t hold the pen and drop it at the same time.

Can’t do two things at once. Only one thing at a time. Relax your fingers, pen drops on the floor. Relax your body, stop holding your baby, let go of the baby. When you are relaxed, the central nervous system send a signal to your brain that everything is alright and the oxytocins are released into your blood stream. Oxytocins are hormones of good mood. Naturally you become well disposed and enjoying your experience.

The more you relax the more you enjoy. Simple physiological sequence. As oxytocins release into your system, endorphins follow. Endorphins are neuro-transmitters, produced by your pituitary gland, streaming into your system, numbing your physical experiences, similar to opiates and analgesics. Therefore, the sensations of discomfort you might have experiences go away quickly, replaced by a strong feeling of well-being, contentment and peace.

Now, that’s SATISFACTION! Most of the birthing experience can be and in some cases was exemplary translated into feelings of pleasure, hence bringing on a strong sense of pleasurable sexual experience, as in Orgasmic Birth. No kidding! How much pleasure can you take?


Imagination is a vehicle through which our brain perceives the reality we see. We perceive the reality according tour beliefs and the story we tell ourselves. Therefore, our own reality perception is always unique. When we create the future reality of your ideal birth I am often asked how it can be believable if it not true? I ask you, what is true?

What you perceive around yourself, or what really is going on? Because these are two different things…. The reality that is real is only real …to you. Not to me, not to her. Because we all have unique perceptions of it. Therefore, according to quantum physics, the reality is malleable, malleable, mutable, and therefore, changeable. How do you like that? So it is possible, for example, to imagine the reality you would like to be in, and describe it to yourself as real, and so it becomes. Now, this becomes possible when you begin to notice where your attention goes when you imagine this desirable reality.

Whether you put your attention to what you want to create or not. A mom in a recent class wanted to create her birth day as a comfortable experience for herself and her baby. Together with her husband, and birth partner, she wrote up and beautiful description about her baby’s imaginary birth day. She stared by: ‘This will be a weekend birth. On Saturday, I begin to fell the first signs of contracting uterus.” Her 1-page description ended with “By 3pm on Sunday I will welcome my baby into my loving arms.” What do you know? When I read in her letter to me, “Baby arrived at 3:15pm on Sunday…”

I gasped for air. Even I, with over a decade of experience teaching the role of imagination, was amazed at her results! I conclude, if this is possible for one mother, as our human brain has endless capacity, it is possible for you. SELF-HYPNOSIS When I began to develop my theory on birthing with imagination, I began to teach self-hypnosis to mothers-to-be. I always knew this is an exercise that works. And wrote about it in many ways.

I insisted that each mom and dad learn to apply this exercise to their life, first outside of birthing and once they see the results in other parts of their life, they then would be able to confidently apply it to their labor and birth. I was particularly shocked when I learned that one of mothers from my class was able to apply her self-hypnosis technique to avoid the artificial induction. After her first baby was born though c-section, she desperately wanted to experience satisfaction of natural birthing having her second baby.

She only spent 30 minutes to dilate herself from 6 to 9.5 cm, and had her baby the natural way. Now that’s satisfaction! Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool for achieving what you want, and when used regularly becomes a tool for creating the life that you want. Learning self-hypnosis is easy. Once learned, it’s like riding a bicycle, you always remember it, and with time it only gets easier to apply it so you too can have a satisfying birth.


I teach this to couples, I wrote about it before, I will reiterate again. Partner at birth is important. Father-to-be role during labor can help create labor in the way that is uniquely amazing and beautiful. Two grown-ups in love, boded by the unborn baby, the physical product of their love, in laboring that child out of the mother’s womb are at work as a team.

Previously, the story went like this. The father would wait outside the hospital room, uninvolved in the mother’s labor. This is how most of us were born: myself, my partner, most of my friends and clients. Today, mother has a choice to have her partner in the room with her. But what they don’t think about is that the father to be does not know what to do with her! He envisions her being in pain and unable to help, he’d rather stay away. Not true!


In preparation to labor and birth, the father-to-be learns about what childbirth process is, how mother might experience the stages of labor and what he can do, say, and how he can behave to model for her the calmness and lead her to comfort of the labor she wants. Knowing that he knows what to do, say and how to behave gives her partner a tremendous amount of confidence.

Knowing that her partner knows what to do, and that he is confident about that, gives a birthing mother a tremendous amount of confidence, eliminates worry, creates peace and space for her to take care of herself and take charge of her own experience in this amazing team work they do together. Seeing her partner practicing with her gives her a sense of confidence, and a sense of safety, and when feeling safe, she can relax deeper and more creatively.


I am not a nutritional specialist, but I have to tell you this much. What you eat goes into your baby. If the food you consume is filled with GMOs, MSG and is nutritionally poor, the baby may become mal-nutritioned. Part of growing up, becoming a mature adult and a parent, and taking the responsibility for the health of your baby is eating responsibly.


Educating yourself is easy. These days all the information that we possibly need about all kinds of food, medicines, procedures, etc is available of the Internet. Educating yourself in preparation to your baby birth is your responsibility. Taking a childbirth class with instructor is also very important. Moms have a lot of information to navigate, choosing an instructor with whom you resonate, and whose experience you enjoy, adds to your creating your ideal birth with joy and comfort. Some childbirth classes are not so good to take, for example those in hospitals.

They skew their presentation to educate you about the induction and the value of cesarean section, and the procedures in the hospital. They tell you that you have to comply with their values and rules and that your birth is their number. Instead choose the instructor who can work with you toward the experience in childbirth that you want, and avoid the one that you don’t want, who can help you create the birth that you desire and who has the skills, belief system and the experience to help you make it happen.


A mom mentioned that she feels tired and that pregnancy wears her off mentally and physically. I asked if she exercises, goes to the gym, or walks. She drives to work, and sits at her desk all day, she answered. You must move around. Our body was not created to sit all day. We are mammals and we are well equipped to move around. Those who are physically active have easier time in labor. When in labor, you squat, you dance, you walk, and it is simultaneously energizing and relaxing for you. And you must have enough muscle tone to sustain yourself while choosing a birthing position. That’s all I can say, now – your choice.


Recently I worked with a couple who could not find the time to practice the relaxation and other exercises they were taught in class. They were busy, each ran their own business, and they had some inter-relationship problems. I had just read to them a letter from two other couples. Both moms gave birth last week. One of them wrote: “Morrin, I realize that the birth I created was my unique birth, and it was my creation. I could have made it easier on myself, had I practiced more, as you advised….” The second mom wrote, “Morrin, Thank you for I had experienced something I will never forget. I had experienced extreme joy, as my baby crowned into my hands and it wasn’t just another long deep breathe before I had him in my arms. I am so happy, and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done insisting on my practice…” At week 35 the mom who listened to those letters now realized they must take the responsibility to practice.

The husband said, that it is apparently quiet easy to reshuffle his evening schedule to free up the whole 2 hours each evening for the practice of the techniques and exercises for preparation to the birth. He did not want the painful experience of birth for his wife. But don’t let that moving away from discomfort be your motivator. Create your own experiences, it is much more interesting this way.


Well, role of the instructor is exactly this, to show you and instruct you on the exercises you must do in preparation to your birth and to educate, nudge and explain what you need to know so you can have the birth of your dreams. In addition to regular curriculum, I add exercises in self-hypnosis and insist on your practice at home. Some couples enjoy working with the instructor in the privacy of their home, privilege of having their own instructor at their birth and other interesting perks.

Morrin Bass is a professional HypnoBirthing Educator and is available to exclusive private  clients with birth attendance, birth hypnotistm for the birthing mom and dad and personal instruction, special situations and timing. 

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