HypnoBirthing® Curriculum

HypnoBirthing® classes have a Standard Curriculum that is mandated by the HypnoBIrthing® Institute. Get FREE 30-min consult with a professional HypnoBirthing® instructor.

HypnoBIrthing® curriculum includes complete education about the childbirth process.  

HypnoBirthing® is a complete childbirth education course, teaching you everything you need for your safety, and comfort.  As a result, attending a HypnoBIrthing® class saves you time and money, eliminate the necessity to attend any additional childbirth education.

What you will learn in your HypnoBirthing® class with Morrin Bass:

•Philosophy and Introduction to HypnoBirthing®

•How to use Hypnosis in Birthing for comfort

•How to use Hypnosis in preparation for birthing

•How to use hypnotic techniques for bonding with your partner, and with your baby

•How the Uterus Works in Birthing

•What’s Wrong with Labor

•How Fear Affects Labor

•The Origin of Fear and Pain in Labor

•Prenatal Bonding

•Selecting Care Providers

•Building a Partnership with Care Providers

•Preparing the Mind for Birth

•Using Hypnotic Language

•Using Metaphor

•Hypnosis Deepening

•Using Visualization

•Releasing Fear

•Preparing the Body for Birthing

•Preparing Birth Preference Sheets

•Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”

•Avoiding Artificial Induction

•Prepare Your Body and Mind for Birthing

•The Onset of Labor

•Perinatal Bonding

•Relaxation Breathing

•Breathing Through Labor

•Breathing with Birth

•Bonding with Baby

In Addition you will learn about:

•Facial Relaxation
•Full Body Body Relaxation

•Fetal Positioning during Pregnancy
•Turning Breech Presented Babies
•Labor Signals- 
Normal, Unanticipated

•Characteristics of Managed Labor
•Characteristics of HypnoBirthingtm Labor
•Onset of Labor

•Stages of Labor
•Fetal positioning during Birth
•Labor Stages as Defined in Typical Birthing
•Labor as Defined in HypnoBirthing
•Mother-Directed Birthing Techniques

You will learn about how Hypnosis assists you in preparation to comfortable labor:

•Applications of Hypnosis in preparation to labor and bonding with baby and partner
•Myths About Hypnosis
•Basics of Brainwave Activity
•Laws of the Mind
•Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing
•Direct and Permissive Hypnosis Approaches
•Steps to Achieve Hypnosis
•Mind/Body Associations and Applications
•Guidelines for Achieving Change
•Deepening Techniques

•Positive Suggestions for your life

•How to create working suggestions for your body
•Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Here is what you will be able to do at home between classes and going forward:

  • Practice Relaxation
  • Practice Rainbow Relaxation
  • Practice Deepening Techniques
  • Practice Glove Relaxation, pain management and pain reduction
  • Practice elements of partial and full disensitization
  • Practice visualizations
  • Practice self-hypnosis
  • Practice self-suggestions
  • Create positive suggestions
  • Do perineal massage
  • Do light touch massage
  • Manage level of self-comfort
  • Practice self-hypnosis for dilation
  • Practice three breathing techniques
  • create your calm and comfortable desired birth


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