HypnoBirthing Mission to Women and Babies

The premise of HypnoBirthing® is blatantly basic – a woman is created to give birth, by Nature. In the absence of special circumstances, a woman is not only capable, like a reliable machine, but perfectly created to conceive, to nurture the development of her baby inside her, and to birth the baby safely and normally.

Most women are afraid of birthing. Due to their own family beliefs, or stories they are used to hearing….

It is the philosophy of the HypnoBirthing program, that

Birthing women and their babies should be treated according to the status of their own health, not what could, or has, possibly happened to others.

Pregnant couple practicing  pregnancy affirmations

Pregnant couple practicing pregnancy affirmations


In the absence of special circumstances, each intervention is an “assault” on the birth experience.

Birthing of a baby is a process. This process has its own time frame for each woman.

The process may pause to rest, or it may accelerate.  It needs no outside manipulation, particularly chemical.

Babies are born on their own timeline.

HypnoBirthing is a well-thought-out program, and includes education in special breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, relaxation, affirmation, visualization, and bonding–all designed to assist the birthing mother to become empowered and confident, as she trusts the innate wisdom of her body to know how to birth her baby intuitively.

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