HypnoBirthing Can Help….Princess Kate’s Morning Sickness

Two years later the royal family is stirring the news again.Princess Kate is pregnant again. Will it be a boy or a girl?

Prince Charles wants a granddaughter, and Prince William – a brother to his heir, reports NewsMailToday.

There is a talk about the Duchess having excessive morning sickness. Will the Duchess of Cambridge consider HypnoBirthing again for her second birth as she did for the first one with Prince George? The report says:

Princess Kate is Pregnant again. Royal family is Happy

Princess Kate is Pregnant again. Royal family is Happy

“Today there are more ways than ever before to manage labour pain and thankfully there are still a few people who are willing to explore these options. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of them.

She is reportedly learning ‘hypnobirth’- a selfhypnosis technique that mums-to-be use in order to mentally programme themselves to relax during childbirth.”

Kate wanted a natural delivery without medication. She and Prince William addressed that desire through learning about HypnoBirthing breathing, techniques and listening to HypnoBirthing CDs.

This time around Kate is reported to be combating a morning sickness. Poor Kate! However, even though doctors advised her bed rest, she might consider revising use of HypnoBirthing techniques she learned. Deep breathing stretch a long way.

Directing attention to relaxation, breathing and regaining equilibrium by proper hydration and nutrition, stabilizes the mother’s body, reports a HypnoBirthing source, the text book for HypoBrthing mother’s, by Marie Mongan.

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