When Is The Best Time To Start

Whether you are new to the birth experience or you’ve already had one or more babies, preparation is essential.  Creating the environment for conscious, comfortable natural childbirth must begin well in advance of your baby’s arrival.

It is best to start your HypnoBirthing® classes sometime in the middle of the second trimester.

Many think that reading a book and putting their knowledge to practice is the same thing. It’s not. The knowledge “magically” integrates only when practiced over and over with your partner, over a period of time. Starting 6-8 weeks before birth, is preferable. Practicing daily is essential. This way, you are easily able to access the mood of the birth experience you have created for yourself

Most conscious first time moms-to-be prefer start their HypnoBirthing classes on their week 24-27. Some even start as early as week 12. It is considered best to start as early as you know you are pregnant, and by most moms’ experience, there is always need for more practice time.  Start now and you have enough time to create the routine of practicing your breathing and relaxation meditations,  self-hypnosis, helping you take control over your mind-body, knowing how to do it effectively and quickly, and making it affect your baby’s development as well. 

Thus by week 33-35 you are already fearlessly comfortable with your preparation, sensations, able to handle your emotions, feel confidence and sufficient knowledge.  Your husband turns from not knowing how to help you to an assertive team-member on the same page with your needs and desires at the time.  You continue comfortable scheduling your home practice with your husband as your body at week 35 will begin to rapidly slow you down preparing for a beginning of labor, calmly, joyfully.

As you make this practice part of your life, you, as most parents do, will find you have an easier time with your new baby, when he/she arrives.  Those who read the book and did not attend the class vs. those who attended the class and practiced the skills learned in class with Morrin, have dramatically different results, according to Morrin’s clients’ testimonials.

Birth is a normal, natural progression in a woman’s life, and need not be perceived as a medical event. The HypnoBirthing® Institute created a 12-hour curriculum designed to make a “mother-to-be” aware of her body and how the power of her mind can create a desirable birthing experience. You can learn to enjoy pregnancy and birth, alleviate fears, bond with your partner and your baby, learn birth breathing, soothing relaxation, empowering positive affirmations, heart opening meditations, through Hypnobirthing® couples techniques and practices.

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