Benefits of HypnoBirthing® Class

Are you pregnant? 

Morrin Bass, HypnoBirthing Classes in New York

Consider the reason for HypnoBirthing® Education to help you make your decision to attend our next HypnoBirthing® class.

1. Better decision-making 

HypnoBirthing® class teaches you a skill set and gives you tools to make your choice during labor. Having armed yourself with the philosophy and techniques of HypnoBirthing® you learn in class with your HypnoBirthing® instructor Dr. Morrin Bass, you easily shift to feeling prepared, calm and confident in advance of your labor and throughout your birthing.

2. Pleasurable Natural Birth

HypnoBirthing® gives the opportunity to you enjoy your labor and birth. The necessary childbirth education gives you an opportunity to prepare, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and make a deliberate choice, to give your baby a healthy peaceful start. Such decision not only benefit you, the mother, allowing pleasure into your birthing experience, it is also in favor to your baby’s mental and physical development. When there is relaxation, physiologically proven, there is pleasure. 

3. Balanced Hormones

HypnoBirthing® gives you skills to keep yourself balanced and relaxed. With HypnoBirthing® techniques you find your baby is calmer and healthier, and the brain development for your baby is normal. Balanced mother has more milk of better quality, her body fells better during after the birth. 

4. Improved Mental Performance  – 

Research shows that babies born to calm and balanced HypnoBirthing® mother, who is conscious and relaxed during the birth, show more mental acuity, and are calmer, develop faster earlier and in a healthier way. 

5. Emotional Balance – 

Relaxation and breathing techniques of HypnooBirthing® that are practiced before the labor begins, allow the mother (and the father) to keep stable emotional attitude, to make better decisions, keep calmer and healthier attitude and perform their daily tasks with intention, therefore, creating an overall happier family.

6. Spiritual Growth – 

A relaxed calm mother connects with her baby easier, and the bonding between mother and baby allows for better understanding of baby’s needs, creating an environment for spiritual growth for both mother and the baby.

7. Better Lifestyle – 

Many psychological, psychiatrical and spiritual studies conducted recently show that babies do remember birth. Non-traumatic, peaceful and relaxed start of the baby’s life is important and necessary not only for the baby’s own health, (physical, mental and emotional,) and their behavior, habits, performance, but for the parental/family health as well. It is well known, that better birth, e.g., natural calm peaceful  HypnoBirthing® birth makes calmer babies, who develop and learn faster and perform better in school and overall become more successful in achieving the life that brings happiness to the family.

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