Is HypnoBirthing® For You?

HypnoBirthing® is for couples who are committed to natural birth and conscious parenting.


Connect with your partner, create your birthing experience, fall in love again and again...

Connect with your partner, create your birthing experience, fall in love again and again…

“A few years ago I made a transition to HypnoBirthing, and I now truly believe that normal birthing does not have to involve pain.” Dr. Lorne R. Campbell, Sr., Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Rochester, and SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine. In the foreword to the book by Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method, 1995.I heartily recommend this … well thought-out program …, for its contribution toward making the birth of children a positive and gentle step on their way to a better world.” Dr. Lorne R. Campbell.


If you have decided you want to have a birth where you are in charge of your sensations, if you decided to be a conscious parent and give your baby what your baby deserves, a calm starts and a peaceful beginning of life, HypnoBirthing® classes are  for you.  It does not matter whether you are planing to have your birth in a hospital, at a birth center or at home. 

It is important that you are convinced that  smooth and comfortable experience in birthing is important to your baby’s well-being. We will show you how you can discuss your HypnoBirthing® intention with your chosen provider, and what questions to ask  to make sure that your provider is a good match for you.  This will insure your having a safe, satisfying and healthy birthing experience.  

If you are still not sure which birth plan best suits you, or you are fearful or terrified about birth, click here to read HypnoBirthing® moms convincing testimonials

 Are you ready to become a conscious parent?

Pregnant couple practicing  pregnancy affirmations

Pregnant couple practicing pregnancy affirmations

Since the end of the last century women’s awareness about childbirth, as a natural progression in a woman’s life became prominent. Since early 2000, there is a renewal of a movement toward natural childbirth as the most desirable way to give birth.  The phenomenon has flourished  particularly among  conscious New York City parents. Whether you are new to parenting or planned it for a long time, preparation is essential. Creating the environment for conscious, comfortable natural childbirth must begin well in advance of your baby’s arrival. It is best to start sometime in the middle of the second trimester.

Individual Attention to Each Student Mom and Dad

Every class is unique.  Having taught hundreds of couples, Morrin expertly leads you to focus the work in class toward your individual needs, at the same time, delivering the HypnoBirthing®  curriculum and practice of skills. Dramatic socially influenced images of screaming, painful birth are dispelled. We re-train your imagination, replacing imagery with those of the peaceful, calm, and enjoyable experience most moms have as a result of learning and practicing the HypnoBirthing® techniques and philosophy in a class with Morrin Bass.

It is not enough to just read the book

Many think that reading a book and putting their knowledge to practice is the same thing. It’s not. The knowledge magically appears only when practiced over and over with your partner, through a period of time. Preferably starting 6-8 weeks before birth, and practicing daily, you are easily able to access the mood of the birth experience you have created for yourself. 

As you make this practice part of your lifestyle, most parents find they have an easier time with their new baby, when the baby arrives.  Those who read the book and did not attend the class vs. those who attended the class and practiced the skills learned in class, have dramatically different results, according to client testimonials.

Watch this video : A media look on HypnoBirthing resulting in a healthy baby and satisfied mom

Shorter recovery time for Hypnobirthing® moms

A mother who use self- hypnosis after her baby arrives, finds that her body returns to it’s normal shape in 1-2 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks. Breast milk is ample, and her belly returns to it’s normal shape in 1 week. You can be back to normal, enjoying your baby, able to stay energized, enjoying all aspects of  your life more fully. 

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