Holistic Newborn Care From A HypnoBirthing Doula

Wed June 6- 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Your life is about to change.  You can feel prepared and deliberate in your actions!

In this workshop you will learn the basics of newborn care and a few techniques to find your own voice as a parent.  Topics covered include breastfeeding, bathing, sleep, diapering choices, babywearing, bonding, soothing, and a few holistic practices to consider for fever or other illness.  You will also receive practical handouts, a reading list, and websites that serve as a useful references as your baby grows.
Julia Mannes is a prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor, DONA-certified doula, mother, and pragmatist who will help you on both ethereal and concrete matters.  Learn more at 

Upper West Side location
$75/couple – reductions always available for those with demonstrable need
contact julia with questions or for registration: 917.216.1991 or malkayoga@gmail.com

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  1. admin
    7 years ago

    Julia is a HypnoBirthing Doula and a pre-natal practitioner.

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