Grow Your Baby’s Brain …Naturally

If you are contemplating birthing your baby naturally, and after birth placing your baby on your body skin to skin, you are in the right place!

Recent neuroscientific research shows that skin to skin contact is important for baby’s brain growing! Skin-to-skin contact for a ne

The way your baby is born does matter! The way you are in paying attention to your baby is important. wborn baby means feeling SAFE. This means that the baby does not need to spend energy to make sure that the baby is safe (attract attention of mother or father, cry, etc.). And this means the baby can direct her/his energy to other needs – faster learning about the world around.

The so called Kangaroo Mother Care is for every baby, and not just for preterm babies. Holding your baby skin-to-skin on Mom’s (or Dad’s) chest is best for all babies, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

In skin-to-skin contact on Mom’s chest at birth, baby feels SAFE. She opens her eyes, and bonds with her parents. She sleeps and grows better. More breast milk is produced, the best food for human BRAIN growth.

This calm start to life makes mom and baby  bypass the stress of keeping safe. It sets the pattern for healthy and secure children and joyful parenting.

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