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HypnoBirthing® Labor Support For

Doulas, Midwives and Childbirth Professionals*

Certification Training 7.0 DONA CEUs in New York City

Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute, Marie Mongan 

Affiliated with DONA, International

HypnoBirthing® Certification for Doulas and other pregnancy  professionals is designed to help professionals add skills of creating calm and safe environment for the mother in labor and during birthing. Class curriculum includes lecture, practice, specific scripts, positive suggestions management, and self-hypnosis. DONA approved class for 7.0 CEUs.


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* This is not a HypnoBirthing practitioner-instructor certification class to teach HypnoBirthing to moms and dads. This class is for doulas only to be able to use HypnoBirthing skills at birthing. If you are looking for HB Instructor certification contact Marie Mongan at

HypnoBirthing class for Doulas 7.0 CEUs

The purpose of this class is to teach you useful hypnosis and HypnoBirthing techniques so you can be more effective in helping  your client moms during labor and help you develop your business of helping moms to have a safe and comfortable labor and birth.

Pre-requisites: To qualify for the next class you need to be a trained doula and want to assist for better births

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May 15, Wednesday, 2013


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Investment $199 (30-day, 60-day and more discounts apply in cart)

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LOCATION of class:

Wall Street, NY, for complete access and further details enroll now


CURRICULUM will include:

  • What is Hypnosis – intro
  • What is not hypnosis
  • Myths about hypnosis
  • Hypnosis influences on human body functions and awareness
  • Hypnosis basics – hypnosis exercises, techniques, theory
  • Handout material to practice at home and with clients
  • Handout scripts approved by the HypnoBirthing Institute
  • Basic knowledge on safe ways to provide comfort during birth
  • Where you can use hypnotic techniques
  • Help yourself first ….  Self Hypnosis exercises
  • Incorporate hypnosis to help others
  • and much more…


  • Basic HypnoBirthing Breathing Techniques
  • How to use Relaxation
  • How to use visualizations
  • How to use language to direct thoughts
  • How to use positive thinking techniques
  • Words and phrases NOT to be used – ever!
  • How to avoid conflicts
  • What to do to create peaceful and comfortable relaxed labor and birth
  • And much more…

Curriculum of HypnoBirthing® Classes for MOMS click here

What you will learn in your class:


•Philosophy and Beginnings of HypnoBirthing®
•How to use Hypnosis in Birthing for comfort

•How to use Hypnosis in preparation for birthing

•How to use hypnotic techniques for bonding with your partner and with your baby

•How the Uterus Works in Birthing
•What’s Wrong with Labor
•How Fear Affects Labor
•The Origin of Fear and Pain in Labor
•Prenatal Bonding
•Selecting Care Providers
•Preparing the Mind for Birth
•Hypnosis Deepening and Visualization
•Releasing Fear
•Preparing the Body for Birthing
•Building a Partnership with Care Providers
•Turning Breech-Presented Babies
•Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”
•Avoiding Artificial Induction
•Preparing Birth Preference Sheets
•How the Body Prepares for Birth
•The Onset of Labor
•Perinatal Bonding
•Breathing Through Labor
•Breathing with Birth
•Bonding with Baby

In Addition you will learn about:


•Fetal Positioning during Pregnancy
•Turning Breech Presented Babies
•Characteristics of Managed Labor
•Characteristics of HypnoBirthing Labor
•Onset of Labor
•Fetal positioning during Birth
•Labor Stages as Defined in Typical Birthing
•Labor as Defined in HypnoBirthing®
•Mother-Directed Birthing


You will learn about how Hypnosis assists you in preparation to labor and easing the labor:


•Applications of Hypnosis in preparation to labor and bonding with baby and partner
•Myths About Hypnosis
•Basics of Brainwave Activity
•Laws of the Mind
•Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing
•Direct and Permissive Hypnosis Approaches
•Steps to Achieve Hypnosis
•Mind/Body Associations and Applications
•Guidelines for Achieving Change
•Deepening Techniques

•Positive Suggestions for your life

•How to create working suggestions for your body
•Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Here is what you will be able to do at home between classes and going forward:


  • Practice Relaxation
  • Practice Rainbow Relaxation
  • Practice Deepening Techniques
  • Practice Glove Relaxation, pain management and pain reduction
  • Practice elements of partial and full desensitization
  • Practice visualizations
  • Practice self-hypnosis
  • Practice self-suggestions
  • Create positive suggestions
  • How to do perineal massage
  • Do light touch massage
  • Manage level of self-comfort
  • Practice self-hypnosis for dilation
  • Practice three breathing techniques
  • create your calm and comfortable desired birth


Our policies are created and supported for group classes, because participants engage in group exercises during class and counting on your attendance is considerable.

Please respect your classmates and show up on time. Please respect yourself and give us advanced notice of your call to client, non-attendance, emergencies, so to keep an opportunity to be considered for next class date.

All pre-paid registrants must confirm attendance 72 hours in advance via e-mail so we know how many participants to prepare your certificate of attendance.

All payments are valid for 12 months since date of payment after that time they expire. We don’t have a capability to provide any refunds for any reason. Cancellations will result in credit toward another class. Non-attendance will be penalized by forfeiting the registration.

Immediate birth emergency or being called to a birth on the day of class must be noted via text/phone to retain opportunity for next class date.

Emergency absence is rescheduled only once. Other excuses must be noted in advance via e-mail. No refunds if unable to make time to attend class without reason. No show = No consideration.

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Learn to apply the partner techniques with the real couple, and network. Bring your own couple and sit in for free. Bring another couple next time and sit in for free another time. Get better and more confident with such supervision.

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Study with Morrin Bass– become better at what you love to do!

Get ahead with modern cutting edge HypnoBirthing® technologies for moms for effective natural birthing

READ about Morrin Bass, NGH Board Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Instructor, Your Certified HypnoBirthing® Instructor

Morrin Bass has been teaching hypnotherapy for over 10 years for the National Guild of Hypnotists and helped thousands of students to get their careers started


” I really enjoyed the material being taught and I think Morrin has a real ability to integrate the hypnosis aspect of the workshop into the environment in general, and it was great to witness and learn from, as a student, as well as experience the hypnosis and learn from that experience… This class met all my expectations. I feel confident I am now a better coach and a better doula. The most relevant for me was how I accepted hypnosis techniques and the concept of hypnosis for effective use in my work as a doula.” Leah Elimeliah, DONA CD, Trained Lamaze Childbirth Educator, 2010


“Positive thinking, breathing techniques, personal and interactive exercises were the most relevant for me.” Linda Giammarese, DONA CD, PPD (post-partum doula), Holistic Health Coach, 2010







(Special considerations for doulas – speak to Morrin)

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