Dangers of Extended Term Pregnancy

I am noticing that the pregnancy term is extending from 39 weeks to 41 weeks in the past 10 years of my work with pregnancy clients. Yet, there is such term as extended term pregnancy. What is extended term pregnancy?

Often women do not go into labor at 40 weeks, and even at 41 weeks sometimes there are no signs of labor. Then the doctors apply procedures of artificial induction of labor, or even schedule a c-section. 

Unfortunately, most pregnant women, are unfamiliar with human mind potential and the extent hypnotic intervention can aid their induction of onset labor. 1-2 hypnosis sessions with a professional can “induce” labor no worse than the IV drip. Even faster and better, because the hypnotic inducement is cleaner and less dangerous. Read about the dangers of artificial induction here. 

But return to the extended term pregnancy. 

Why are doctors so adamant to cut off the woman’s chance to natural start of labor when she is past 40 weeks in her pregnancy?

The reasons are given by Genesis Davies a mom, and a writer, who compiled her research into a comprehensive article answering this question.

When we talk about human pregnancy we often refer to it as a 9 months’ pregnancy.

However, 9 months equals 36 weeks. At 36 weeks a newborn is considered pre-term, or premature. The normal pregnancy term is said to be 40 weeks, by the majority of doctors. That is 10 months. 

Has the pregnancy with a human baby evolved to 10 months instead of 9? Or was a 9 months’ pregnancy just a result of poor calculations?

Anyway, why is the longer term pregnancy dangerous?

1. Placenta may become old and begin to deteriorate, and lack in nutrients for the baby, although it is unclear why it would do it before the baby is actually born.

2. A post-term baby may defecate into the amniotic fluid, known as meconium.  Meconium may enter into the baby’s lungs and later give the baby difficulties breathing.

3. Amniotic fluids may be released from the sac and low fluids may be dangerous for the baby. Low amniotic fluid can be helped by hydrating yourself well and on time. 

In any case you should consult with your doctor, or midwife, before making any decisions on your post-term pregnancy. IN the majority of cases, post-term pregnancy ( after 42 weeks) with self-started labor results in a healthy baby.

A mom-to-be with an extended pregnancy must use common sense and good judgement, and practice relaxation, deep breathing and helpful visualization techniques,  taught in her HypnoBirthing classes, stay calm and make good decisions, based on available information, and personal research. Good habits of breathing deeply and staying calm help in initiating labor and relaxing through fast dilation process toward the peaceful birth of your baby.

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