A Week Before Your Birthing Day

Ok, your birthing day is due this week.

And you had already attended your HypnoBirthing class, 5 sessions of 2,5 hours each, with your partner, lead by your Certified Instructor, Morrin Bass, PhD, BCI.

It has been a while, since you finished your HypnoBirthing class, and most likely for about 8 weeks, you are practicing daily each of your HypnoBirthing breathing exercises, and particularly visualizations of your ideal birthing experience. Your partner is an active help in your preparation to your important day. You discovered that you are actually having a lot more fun being pregnant that you originally thought.

If you had taken a private class, you probably feel a lot more confident and prepared. In your group class with Morrin you had experienced a lot of private personal attention and began to trust her expertise and advice. In this last week before the baby arrives it is time to clean up the loose ends. Clear out the emotional haze, let go of the left over misconceptions, and regain additional confidence. Perhaps even have a private personal experience of woman to woman guidance conversation.

Perhaps you doctor told you that you are having a too big a baby, or are late in relation to your estimated date, you need artificial induction while you wanted to have started your labor on your own and want to avoid artificial induction, or that you are developing risk situation and need to schedule a c-section, while you want to have a natural labor.

With these issues are easy to clear up and Morrin can help in just one session of guidance. All this and more is Morrin’s specialty with you on the week before your birthing day. 

Schedule your appointment with Morrin, easy and effortless timely support of your peaceful birth, to support the investment in your HypnoBirthing classes experiences.

Benefits of pre-birth hypnosis appointment with Morrin:

1. Re-attune to your childbirth body-mind awareness

2. Regain confidence in your mental preparedness for childbirth

3. Brush up on powerful self-hypnotic techniques for childbirth

4. Fine tune your Ideal Birth

5. Clear our emotional haze and regain positive outlook of preparedness

6. Strengthen powerful experience of intention, refresh commitment to peaceful, comfortable, natural ways of birthing


Call Mark to book Morrin’s time with you at 347-783-9136 or click here.


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