Why Choose Classes With Morrin

Why Choose to Take HypnoBirthing®  Classes with Morrin Bass?

Morrin’s HypnoBirthing® moms get results. It’s that simple. Read the testimonials from Morrin’s HypnoBirthing®  moms and compare. Morrin gives you her full attention, and she is not only a HypnoBirthing instructor she is also a full time professional hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor.

” Morrin, (my husband) and I couldn’t thank you enough! We thought our time with you in the class was very special. We were spoiled with your attention and professional knowledge. Without your class our experience in birthing our beautiful (son) was not going to be possible! Now, I see why other moms admire how calm and aware and alert our (baby) is, sitting and smiling at us, as if he understands what we are talking about (I am sure he does::)). Such a pleasure to share with you the experience that was so unique and satisfying. Love and hugs, and endless thanks!” Brittany, 32

Morrin, Thank you, I could not have done so well without the power of mind you taught. We are so grateful.” Suzie, 33.

“I had this voice in my head saying “You can do this, you can enjoy this, you are powerful, your body knows what to do”; the voice that you showed me and taught me how to listen to, as apposed to the other voice I used to have telling me “You are a failure, this is too hard.” I learned to put my attention to the voice I want to hear and this helped me to have the birth that I wanted. Also, {my husband} learned to be helpful and that made him feel participant and helped me. So I have to thank you for this experience. We could not have done it without your skillful training.” Ilana, 23.

You have opened up a whole new world of possibility to experience my baby’s birthing.” Nina, 28.

Morrin’s knowledge, and over 25 years professional experience, speak to her passion and commitment to excellence in the field of hypnosis. Utilizing standard HypnoBirthing® curriculum Morrin specializes in delivering high quality training well designed  for those moms and their partners who are committed and ready to create an experience of awareness and peace, for the safe birth of their baby.  You learn skills that are practical and valuable for your birth experience and when the new chapter of your life begins. Morrin teaches what you and your husband need to know to have the experience you want during labor and birth. Her guidance and experience assure you a high quality experience.

Babies born naturally, calmly, enjoyably are able to keep intense, prolonged eye contact, are stronger, healthier, and exhibit leadership skills early in life. The results moms, dads, and newborns get are:

  • a satisfying experience during labor and 
  • a gratifying peaceful birth. 

And that’s what counts. 
Morrin trained hundreds of HypnoBirthing® couples to make the birth of their baby a successful,  peaceful and joyful experience.

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