Are you ready to become a conscious parent?

Are you ready to become a conscious parent?

Since the mid last century the spiritual awareness about the baby birth, as a natural progression in a woman’s life became prominent and since early 2000 – is the most desirable way to give birth, particularly among the conscious New Yorker parents. Whether you are new to parenting or planned it for a long time preparation is essential and much of it must be done in advance of baby arrival.

Individual Attention to Each Student Mom and Dad

Every class is unique as Morrin scales the work toward each individual student moms/dads assembly, yet they all get the same curriculum and skills. We start with re-training your imagination away from the society influenced image of scream painful birth toward the peaceful calm and enjoyable experience, most moms end up having after graduating from Morrin’s class.

It is not enough to just read the book

Many think that reading and putting their knowledge to practice is the same thing. It’s not. The knowledge magically appears only when practiced over and over with your partner, over a period of time. Preferably 6-8 weeks before birth. It becomes easier and easier to use.  As you make this practice part of your life most parents find they have an easier time with their new baby. Mothers who use self- hypnosis after their baby arrives, find that their body returns back to normal  in 1-2 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks. Their milk is ample, the belly decreases in 1 week.

You can be back to normal, enjoying your baby, able to stay energized, enjoying all aspects of  your life more fully. Those who read the book and did not attend the class vs. those who attended the class and practiced the skills learned in class, have dramatically different results, according to client testimonials.

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