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Are you looking to make a decision about your birthing experience?

Do you want the best for you baby?

Do you need courage, confidence and fearlessness? Then you are in the right place!

She used HypnoBirthing - A smile of satisfaction with her HypnoBirthing Son - Princess Kate Middleton the Dutchess of Cambridge with her baby son Prince George

Princess Kate Middleton the Dutchess of Cambridge used the techniques of HypnoBirthing® and was rewarded with a smile of satisfaction – here with her first HypnoBirthing® baby son Prince George

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Consider HypnoBirthing®.

HypnoBirthing® can help you create the most peaceful place on Earth – inside you – so you can have what you want – a peaceful experience during labor and birthing.

Despite the name, there’s no swinging pendulum, no mantras – just deep breathing, imagery, meditation techniques. Unlike some natural methods, HypnoBirthing® isn’t about powering through pain, warrior-style. It’s about having a gentle birth, confidence, love and comfort.” Laura Wides-Munoz, excerpt from article “HypnoBirthing® Anyone?


Why not other Hypno-techniques?

Beware of other “labels” of Hypno-techniques on the market. Only HypnoBirthing®, a registered trademark course, based on the book by Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing® is the authentic HypnoBirthing® class.


Other Hypno-techniques have false claims. In order to learn the skill that registered HypnoBirthing® classes offer, research proves,  it is not enough to just listen to a bunch of informational CDs or read a book. No! Not the same effect! One side of preparation alone remains just that – one side.

Enrolling in a class with a professional certified instructor you will receive complete childbirth education, along with knowledge and practice of hypnosis techniques, and know how to incorporate them together, for the most effective result – smooth and comfortable labor, and enjoyable birthing.


Morrin Bass, PhD, and Marie Mongan, founder of HypnoBirthing

Morrin Bass, PhD, and Marie Mongan, founder of HypnoBirthing®


Morrin Bass, PhD, lead hundreds of successful HypnoBirthing® couples to their happy birthing experience.

Come to our downtown Manhattan location and Morrin will train you and your partner to use necessary HypnoBirthing® skills so YOU CAN DIRECT the course of your birthing experience to a satisfying result.

So What’s HypnoBirthing®?

How often do you imagine your baby’s ideal peaceful birth? Smooth comfortable sensations, positive energy, quiet environment, helpful partner at your side. Imagine yourself, calm, relaxed, smiling all the way through, happy, satisfied. Focused all the way through your labor. Excited and enjoying while baby’s head is appearing. Your partner, calm and assertive, present, knowing, giving you what you want without you having to ask for it.  Elated when the baby is here, laughing at the top of happiness, bonded with your husband and loving the process all the way through, wishing that you could stop the moment to re-experience the pleasure in birthing your baby.

Never thought of it? Not yet! Attending HypnoBirthing® classes allows you to be able to create your own quality experience at birth.

Your mind is very powerful and your pregnant body knows what to do. Millions of women gave birth before you. Combine these two powers in one intentional force and you begin to embrace the pleasure of the energy of your being.

The possibility and skills taught and explained to you, to your partner and the awareness of the strength you never knew you  had provide for creativity in this smooth, comfortable, safe and satisfying birth of your baby.

In a central location in Manhattan you and your partner meet in a small group 5 times weekly with your Certified HypnoBirthing® Instructor Morrin Bass, PhD, and with other couples, through lecture-workshop, exercises and information packed format, you intentionally acquire skills necessary for you to be calm and relaxed when you need it the most – during the birthing experience of your baby.

HypnoBirthing® is not just a set of techniques.

Marie Mongan, the author of HypnoBirthing® method, created HypnoBirthing® Institute in 1979, overseeing the use of this most effective methodology combining the philosophy of calm being, with a set of useful techniques, self-hypnosis suggestions relaxing your body and mind, affirmations, breathing, and other cutting edge mind technology, activating your inner resources and the information for having an enjoyable time during labor and birth.

With HypnoBirthing® you gain an ability to be and remain calm, alert, aware and attentive to your unborn baby’s needs, communicating clearly with your husband, and ready to make high quality decisions, whether birthing at home, in a birthing center, or in a  hospital.

Prepare for Comfortable and Safe Natural Childbirth Enroll into our next

HypnoBirthing class with Morrin Bass, New York

HypnoBirthing group class with Morrin Bass, New York city

HypnoBirthing® Class

What is a HypnoBirthing® class?

HypnoBirthing® classes are designed to be a learning ground for couples in preparation to their birthing experience. HypnoBirthing® classes are designed to be attended by both mother and father to be, as the practices and exercises in class will require the presence of both for desired effect. 

You will learn new and complete childbirth education information in an entertaining lecture-practice format with experienced instructor Morrin Bass. Morrin has trained hundreds of couples to prepare to have the birthing experience they want. 

In This Class Your Will Learn:

  • about the difference in body response to stress and the importance of relaxation,

    Hypnobirthing_Book, HypnoBirthing classes in New York with Morrin Bass

    HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan, textbook for HypnoBirthing classes with Morrin Bass

  • why body relaxation is imperative to enjoyment of childbirth,
  • what to say to yourself and each other during labor,
  • how to communicate effectively during pregnancy, labor and birthing,
  • how to communicate about what you want,
  • how to control your body sensations,
  • how to control your mind, thoughts and expression,
And many other technical details like:
  • how to create comfortable sensations during labor,
  • how to know when labor starts, and what to do to enjoy it,
  • stages of labor,
  • emotional expressions of stages of labor,
  • language of labor in hospitals and at home,
  • how HypnoBirthing® can help you have the experience you want,
  • how to stay safe, alert and comfortable during labor
  • learn about your body-mind connection in labor, in various stages of  labor,
  • how to create your ideal birth and follow through to really have what you desire, and much more…

HypnoBirthing®  Moms and Dads-to-be will practice in class under supervision of instructor.

Included are practical exercises and practice of:

  • Relaxation, breathing and focused attention
  • learn to pay attention to smallest cues in their partner 
  • learn to create experience of enjoyment, relaxation, 
  • hypnotize each other,
  • hypnotize themselves,
  • and much, much more interseting and fascinating useful techniques.
Click here to discover that  HypnoBirthing® is for you
HypnoBirthing® is a registered trademark for philosophy, techniques and classes by certified specialists, by the HypnoBirthing® Institute founded by Marie Mongan.

Connect with your partner, create your birthing experience, fall in love again and again…

When is the best time to enroll?
The best time to enroll in class between weeks 24-34 leaving the space for your own absorbing of the material received in class, your new skill and ways of thinking, and practice at home.
FEE: Investment is ONLY $397 per couple, no hidden fees –What’s Included?

2 format classes – choose either Tuesday nights or individual classes in a great location in NYC New York City

We keep our classes small, not more than 3-4 couples, because we believe that learning in small classes environment succeeds in big ways!

Private HypnoBirthing class in your home on your schedule

Enroll now!

2017 Schedules:

Below Listing is for Location in NEW YORK CITY, Downtown Financial District


==> Click here for Registration for Tuesdays PM class
Location: Downtown (Financial District) NEW YORK

5 Evenings Tuesday nights
6-8:30pm – 2.5 hours each class

Call toll free @ 866-522-5886 for your FREE no obligation 30-min consult with a HypnoBirthing® professional. We help you choose the best class for you!
Upon registration you will be asked to fill out forms and respond with your dreams about your birth. Begin by reading the text book by Mary Mongan, HypnoBirthing and to listen to the cd in the back of your book.

hypnobirthingnewyorkmorrinbassinstructorSo enroll and get started.

You are entitled to a 30-minutes free consultation with a professional
To help you choose the best option for you, qualify and enroll

Registration is OPEN NOW 

Register Now – Space is limited.

TIMING CONSIDERATION: Best to have 6-8 weeks between the END of your class and your DUE DATE to allow time for home practice and body-mind integration. Sometimes first babies come ahead of schedule. If you have special timing considerations – Call Mark today at 347-783-9136 To help you choose the best option for you, to qualify and enroll

Find out how you can get reimbursed by your insurance for taking this HypnoBirthing ® class.

Call toll free @ 866-522-5886 for your FREE no obligation 30-min consult with a HypnoBirthing® professional. We help you choose the best class for you!

Private HypnoBirhting class in your home – Call Mark 347-783-9136 for fees

Our HypnoBirthing® Classes in New York are held in a convenient location in downtown Manhattan.
If you have special privacy situations, difficulty scheduling or pressed for time before birthing,  
call Mark for private scheduling.
Couples with special privacy considerations enjoy working with Morrin one-on-one learning individually at their pace in the privacy of their own home.
Call Mark Today
To help you choose the best option for you, to qualify and enroll
Call toll free @ 866-522-5886 for your FREE no obligation 30-min consult with a HypnoBirthing® professional. We help you choose the best class for you!
Please read our enrollment admin non-refund and reimbursement Policies.
We reserve the right to change classes dates and locations.


Make-up and private classes will be conducted upon agreement, and can be held

Princess Kate chose HypnoBirthing for her baby Prince

Princess Kate chose HypnoBirthing for her baby Prince George

in your apartment, or house, for an additional fee, please ensure there are no pets at the time of class.

It is okay to miss one class out of 5, without rescheduling, if your schedule must be fulfilled and you cannot make group schedule
>>>>>>Please read our Policies before subscribing.<<<
If your schedule must be attended and you have to miss 2 or more than 2 classes, discuss our private scheduling.
Call toll free @ 866-522-5886 for your FREE no obligation 30-min consult with a HypnoBirthing® professional. We help you choose the best class for you!
Additionally, ask about a special topic session ( for example Mother-Baby Connection Hypnosis session) or private personal additional work with Morrin ( for example, a special circumstance issue session), due to personal doubt, family or medical changes, partner unavailability, or just because you want more practice with your professional HypnoBirthing® instructor, Morrin Bass, PhD.
Choose to have a special session to AVOID artificial induction two-three days before thparenting-JessicaAlbae medical induction is scheduled.
Morrin provides excellent effective additional private sessions for her current HypnoBirthing® clients, at an advantageous fee rate. Please call Mark at 347-783-9136 for help with your best option. 

Ready for more information? Click Here to GO TO: // Fees and Registration for HypnoBirthing classes

Call Mark Today at 347-783-9136
To help you choose the best option for you, to navigate, qualify and to enroll in your own HypnoBirthing® class.
Please read our Policies before subscribing.

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